Friday, September 2, 2011


In different cultures marriage traditions are based on religious beliefs and cultural traditions. Changes between how they are now and how they were back then are very apparent. For example, ancient Rome didnt believe that they needed to have the governments approval, nor did they think they needed religious approval.They just simply thought of marriage as some sort of agreement. Throughout the article there were some ancient traditions that I completely disagree'd with. For example, things like how men could marry more then one woman, how it was tolerated for a husband to kill his wife, the status of women, and also how marriage was used in ways that were not romantic at all. Now, even though people will still have there own marital opinions, I believe that marriage is for two individuals who love eachother and are ready to share a life together eternally. I think that the way  things are in our civilization during this time are much more equalized rather then how it was during the ancient times. From reading the article, I am thankful for how the marriage tradtions are now, rather then how they were in the past!

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