Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey guys! My name is Kayla Kurczewski. I am a freshman at Coastal Carolina University and I am majoring in marine science. After my years at Coastal, I hope to one day become a shark biologist. I am originally from Maryland, but I wanted to leave home to go out of state for school. So far its been hard, but eventually it will ease up and I will start to feel at home. Anyways, I made this blog because it was an assignment in my english class. Im really glad we have this because now I have something that I can express my thoughts and opinions on without anybody completely judging me. I will probably post things about school assignments and just life itself. I enjoy expressing how I feel, mainly in writing. You can always releive stress with writing! Or atleast thats what I think. I'm glad I was placed in english composition because of the factor, that I love to write.

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