Friday, September 2, 2011

Choosing Sides.

   Throughout the article the conservatives state that they believe that abortion,illegitimacy, and homosexuality is what tears a family apart. But the Liberals believe that domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports are what cause a family to be destroyed. Honestly they both have valid points, but in my opinion I would agree with the Liberals on this one. No, I am not saying that I dont believe that homosexuality and abortion could tear a family apart because in reality they both could, but  to me those are more towards just smaller dramatic problems that could be fixed with a little bit of help. I mean if someone is being domestically abused or dealing with economic insecurity then I think they by far out do any other one of those little dramatic issues. 

   There are Benefits and weaknesses within each of the groups views. For example we can start off with abortion. Abortion can be a good thing, I mean what happens if you were raped and you ended up pregnant?  or what if you finiancially know you cant take care of a child right now. But it can very much so be a bad thing too. If you know ahead of time that you are either to young to have a child or you know you cant take care of one, why would you put yourself through it? Next there was illegitimacy. You and your loved one could have a child before being married and that could make you guys so happy that you both decide that its a good idea to and then you live happily ever after. But then theres also things like what if you have a kid with a guy that you think your going to spend the rest of your life with and when you tell him your having his child, he leaves you. Then what are you going to do? Then theres homosexuality,  you and your loved one could be happily together and everyone else is happy for you.. but what if nobody was happy for you,and you got made fun would you react to that? After that theres domestic violence. Honestly to me there is no benefit to that...if you think so please prove me wrong and let me know. How would you feel to be in a realtionship with someone you love and then everyday they come home and beat you and yet you dont know what to do because you love them. Now theres economic insecurity, once again I dont think there is a benefit to this...But there is a deffinitely a weakness. Being economically unstable would not be a good thing, you wouldnt know what to do. Finally there is inadequate public supports, and oh, what a shocker no benefits, but there are weaknesses. Common services not to the average par, meaning like hospitals, schools,public transportation...etc. 

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